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I will soon release a slight update to XXCE 5.0. The updated version will add webcam software in the form of wXcam. In addition, I will remove the Getdeb repositories and add the Rhythmbox default radio streams from XXCE 2.2. (When I installed the updated Rhythmbox from Getdeb, it installed its default radio streams over the ones I added.)

In addition to the updated release of XXCE, I will be attempting to create a netbook edition of XXCE, using Ubuntu Netbook Edition as the base. XXNE 5.0.1 would include the same webapps from XXCE 5.0 and XXCE 2.2. XXNE 5.0.1 would also include the same default graphics from XXCE 5.0.1.

Details coming soon.


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