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I have decided that now is the time to revive the Lexie OS project, and I am currently working on the first version of  what is now known as LXCE!

LXCE 1.0 goes back to the lightweight roots of XXCE, using Lubuntu 10.04 LTS as the base. LXCE 1.0 will include Google Chrome (Chromium OS is removed), Thunderbird, tons of multimedia enhancements, Rhythmbox (including the Ubuntu One Music Store plugin and a Shoutcast plugin), Brasero, GIMP, and Ristretto.

Tons of extra wallpapers will also be added.

LXCE 2.0 will most likely be basded on the forthcoming Lubuntu 12.04 LTS. However, I may do a separate version – LXCE 1.5 – based on Lubuntu 11.10.

Stay tuned!


With all my work being concentrated on the UNEX series, I am discontinued the XXCE series.

I am extremely proud of my work with XXCE. I will always be fond of my work on XXCE, especially XXCE 2.x. XXCE 2.3 will be the pinpoint of the XXCE series, as it delivered not only on excellent multimedia support, but also on the wide variety of web apps which opened right up in Google Chrome.

When I started the XXCE series, Firefox was the default browser. But as I became a fan of Google Chrome, I felt that Chrome needed to be the default web browser. I don’t regret the decision to replace Firefox with Chrome one bit. In fact, all my releases of UNEX include Google Chrome!

Thanks to everybody who downloaded and used XXCE Linux!

Right now I will be concentrating on UNEX. But in the future, I would love to develop a new lightweight OS for those who loved and used XXCE Linux.


I am remastering the UNEX 4.0 ISO as we speak!

UNEX 4.0 is the latest in the UNEX series. UNEX 4.0 is a remaster of Ubuntu 11.10.

UNEX 4.0 includes:

  • all software and security updates as of October 26, 2011
  • all multimedia codecs from ubuntu-restricted-extras
  • Google Chrome
  • GIMP
  • Skype
  • Pidgin
  • Broadcom wifi support
UNEX 4.0 also includes the Unity 2D interface for those whose video hardware does not support Unity 3D out of the box.
A release announcement will come later today. Stay tuned!

Preliminary work is now beginning on XXCE 7 and XXCE 8!

I am once again striving to find a way to have a robust operating system fit on a 700 MB CD. To do this, I will attempt to base the OS on a minimal Ubuntu, using the Ubuntu Minimal CD.

To minimize the bloat, I will not include huge workhorses such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Instead, AbiWord and Gnumeric will be the default office apps. In addition, your favorite web-based office apps will also be included.

More info coming soon. Stay tuned!

UNEX 3.0 32-bit is available!

UNEX 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 11.04. It includes multimedia codecs (except for libdvdcss2 and w32codecs) and all software and security updates as of August 18, 2011.

UNEX 3.0 includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird (replaces Evolution), and Rhythmbox (replaces Banshee).

I can personally verify that the iPod Touch 4G will work on here. I personally tested the OS with my iPod Touch 4G, and I was able to play my iPod library from Rhythmbox. In addition, syncing work as well.

To download UNEX 3.0, click here.

Work will soon begin on a 64-bit version.

I am currently working on UNEX 2.1.

UNEX 2.1 is a significant update to UNEX 2.0. The biggest feature of UNEX 2.1 is the inclusion of the 2D version of the Unity desktop interface.

All software and security updates as of today – March 3, 2010 – will be included.

Stay tuned!

If you are like me who loves the freedom of MythTV and Mythbuntu and XXMCE but don’t want to pay for Schedules Direct, here is a way to get a free program guide. You will need an active internet connection for all steps.

  1. Download this file and extract the contents.
  2. Copy the extracted files – mc2xml and – to /home/user/.mc2xml (use your username in place of user)
  3. Open your terminal and execute the command cd .mc2xml
  4. Execute the command ./mc2xml –help and follow the instructions. In my case, I have to execute the command ./mc2xml -c us -g 25214
  5. Choose your proper cable provider. In my case, it was Suddenlink (CAB).
  6. After mc2xml had finished its job, execute the command bash to download the program information.

That’s almost all there is to it! If you would like for the program guide info to be updated every night, you will have to issue a new cron job. If you would like to have download the info every night at midnight, then follow these instructions:

  1. Open your terminal and execute the command crontab -e
  2. Delete all text on the screen and type in 0 0 * * * bash /home/user/.mc2xml/ (use your username in place of user)
  3. Hit CTRL + O (the letter O, not the number 0) to save the text, and then hit CTRL + X to exit and save the cron job.

NOTE: mc2xml will NOT work with TitanTV.

I have an HP Mini 110 1116NR netbook. When I first install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on there, bluetooth works out of the box, but wifi doesn’t. If I enable and activate the Broadcom STA wifi drivers from the Karmic repository, wifi works upon reboot, but bluetooth no longer works. However, I have found a way to get the wifi working and keep the bluetooth working as well! All you have to do is download the Lucid Lynx version of the bcmwl-kernel-source package which is available here. Once you get connected to the internet (try to connect via ethernet), double-click on the package you downloaded and allow it to download and install all dependencies and then allow it to install. Reboot, and your wifi will now work, and your bluetooth should still work!

Click here to sign. Let President Obama, your U.S. House Representative, and your U.S. Senators know the benefits of free software in the public education system.

I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin work on DVD editions of XXCE!

I have recently found a free file hosting service which will allow me to upload any file which is 2GB or under. This means I can now do a DVD edition.

For now, I will do a DVD edition of XXCE 2.1.1 and include some DVD authoring tools. Since DeVeDe depends on Mplayer, I will remove VLC and include Mplayer as the default video player.

I will also include a few 3D games and a bunch of brand new wallpapers.

The DVD editions of XXCE will be intended for computers which have moderate to high-end specs. If your computer has less-than-ideal hardware specs, then I suggest sticking with the CD edition of XXCE.

When time permits, I will begin work on XXCE 2.1.1 DVD Edition, and once work is finished, I will upload the DVD ISO and make a release announcement as well as provide a download link.