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Tag Archives: Stop Online Piracy Act

I predicted a while back that the feds would soon seize Megaupload and effectively send all my hard work down the memory hole.

Well, my prediction has come true.

Gone forever is XXCE 2.2.3, XXCE 4.1, XXCE 5.0, XXCE 6.0, XXMCE, UNEX 1.0, UNEX 2.0, UNEX 3.0, UNEX 4.0, LXCE 1.0, and LXCE 1.5.

However, don’t fear. UNEX and LXCE will live on, thanks to dedicated web hosting from HostGator! Work will soon begin on LXCE 2.0 as well as UNEX 5.0.

As a result of this development, this will be the final post on this blog. Please visit from now on.


If the Stop Online Piracy Act passes, I may have to shut down all my projects (XXCE, UNEX, LXCE) for the following reasons:

  1. My derivatives include multimedia codecs (MP3, MP4, AVI/DIVX/XVID) and encrypted DVD playback which cannot be legally offered for free in the United States.
  2. I cannot afford dedicated web hosting. I do this on my free time and use a free blog to post links to my work, and I use Megaupload to host my files. If SOPA passes, there is a strong chance that Megaupload will be blocked in the United States, which is where I live.
  3. There is also the strong possibility that because Ubuntu offers the aforementioned illegal multimedia codecs on their vast software repositories for free, the SOPA could be used to block all Ubuntu websites from being accessed in the United States. If this were the case, I would no longer be able to download Ubuntu or to use their software repositories.

If SOPA passes, it could mean the end of not only my Linux projects, but Linux in the United States period.