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UXOS 2014 is available for download!

Features of UXOS include:

  • software and security updates as of May 9, 2014
  • enhanced multimedia capabilities (MP3, AAC/MP4, etc.)
  • Pidgin IM client
  • FileZilla IM client
  • GIMP photo editor
  • Pitivi video maker/editor
  • WINE
  • VirtualBox
  • Microsoft TTF fonts
  • Google Chrome

UXOS 2014 is available at as a digital download for the low price of $4.99.


LXCE 1.5 is available!

LXCE 1.5 is a customized remaster of Lubuntu 11.10, featuring extra software, enhanced multimedia capabilities, and web apps.

Featurs include:

  • Linux kernel 3.0.0-13-generic
  • All software/security updates to December 4, 2011
  • Ubuntu One
  • Banshee with Ubuntu One Music Store plugin
  • GIMP
  • Skype
  • Classic game console emulators (ROMS and BIOS files not included)
  • Google Chrome
  • Thunderbird
  • Brasero
  • Sound Juicer
  • Ristretto image viewer
  • Oracle VirtualBox 4.1.6
  • VLC 1.1.12
  • and much more

Unfortunately, LXCE 1.5 is too large to fit on a CD, so you will have to burn it to a DVD, USB flash drive, or SDHC memory card.

Look for LXCE 2.0 in April 2012!

To download LXCE 1.5, click here.

UNEX 3.0 32-bit is available!

UNEX 3.0 is based on Ubuntu 11.04. It includes multimedia codecs (except for libdvdcss2 and w32codecs) and all software and security updates as of August 18, 2011.

UNEX 3.0 includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird (replaces Evolution), and Rhythmbox (replaces Banshee).

I can personally verify that the iPod Touch 4G will work on here. I personally tested the OS with my iPod Touch 4G, and I was able to play my iPod library from Rhythmbox. In addition, syncing work as well.

To download UNEX 3.0, click here.

Work will soon begin on a 64-bit version.

I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin work on DVD editions of XXCE!

I have recently found a free file hosting service which will allow me to upload any file which is 2GB or under. This means I can now do a DVD edition.

For now, I will do a DVD edition of XXCE 2.1.1 and include some DVD authoring tools. Since DeVeDe depends on Mplayer, I will remove VLC and include Mplayer as the default video player.

I will also include a few 3D games and a bunch of brand new wallpapers.

The DVD editions of XXCE will be intended for computers which have moderate to high-end specs. If your computer has less-than-ideal hardware specs, then I suggest sticking with the CD edition of XXCE.

When time permits, I will begin work on XXCE 2.1.1 DVD Edition, and once work is finished, I will upload the DVD ISO and make a release announcement as well as provide a download link.

I would like to announce my future plans for XXCE.

  1. There will ALWAYS be an Xfce edition of XXCE. The Xfce edition of XXCE is the main edition.
  2. I plan on making XXCE 5.0 and base it on a coming beta build of Xubuntu Karmic.
  3. I have not decided on the future of LXDE editions of XXCE.
  4. I am seriously considering doing an Enlightenment E17 edition of XXCE. If this is pursued, I will do E17 editions of XXCE 2.x, XXCE 3.x, XXCE 4.x, and XXCE 5.x.
  5. I am considering making my own XXCE CDs (for those who don’t have the time or the bandwidth or the ability to download the ISOs and burn them to CD) and selling them. If the plan to sell CD copies comes to fruition, I plan on selling CDs for $10 each.
  6. XXCE 5.0 – which will be based on Xubuntu 9.10 Karmic – will be the final edition of XXCE to be based on non-LTS editions of Xubuntu. Starting with XXCE 6.0 (which will be based on Xubuntu 10.04 LTS), all editions of XXCE will be based on LTS editions of Xubuntu.


Click on above image to visit XXCE on Facebook.